1. flitetest

    Decal Flite Test Master Series F-18 Super Hornet Decal Placement Sheets 1.0

    F-18 Super Hornet Decal Placement Sheets Design By: Stephen Rosema Instructions to assist you with the decal placement for all the SkyFX variants of the Flite Test Master Series F-18 Super Hornet, including... Dambusters Jolly Rogers Shadowhawks Tomcatters
  2. flitetest

    Part FT Master Series F-18 Super Hornet Ordnance 1.0

    F-18 Super Hornet Ordnance Design By: John Overstreet Want to load out your Flite Test Master Series F-18 Super Hornet? Look no further. Master Series designer John Overstreet has created a collection of accessories for you to download and print on your 3D printer to make your F-18 look...
  3. Mid7night

    Plane XF-18 Super Hornet - Twin 70mm EDF Jet --

    Wingspan: 41" Length: 59" Power: Twin 70mm EDF (up to 74mm), 4S-6S Control: All-moving Stabilators or Elevons, and (optional) ailerons More details in build thread: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/xf-18-super-hornet-twin-70mm-edf-jet-build-pics-plans.62771/
  4. Mid7night

    XF-18 Super Hornet - Twin 70mm EDF Jet - Build Pics & Plans

    FINALLY! I know many have been asking for these plans for a while, and now I've finally got the plans finished (enough) and enough build pics that I think it's time to release them to the wild. First, here are the jet's specs: Wingspan: 41" Length: 59" Power: Twin 70mm EDF (up to 74mm)...
  5. dehager

    Part Missile Launcher Rail for Ben Harber's 1:13 Scale F-16 or Similar Jets v01

    I created a set of LAU-129 missile launcher rails for the F-16. Similar to the style Freewing uses for their jets but this incorporates a keyhole mount based on a 4-40 (3mm) bolt. It allows for adjusting the tension and mounting just about anything you want with just two bolts. To install the...
  6. Wingman04

    Mustang or Hornet?

    I have been wanting to get a scale warbird for a while now. Now I have the option to either get a Force RC 1.1m Mustang, or a Force RC F-18. My problem is that my landing strip is less than ideal. Between the dirtbikes and tractors, my yard is really rough by most lawn standards. I am afraid...
  7. HilldaFlyer

    F/A-18 E Super Hornet SUPERSIZED 150%

    Hold me back... I'm doing it again. I have do say that bigger planes are a lot of fun. So, I enlarged the FT-18 plans just over 150%. Actually, the size was determined by the dimensions of the foam core. To maximize the width of the foam core, the plans were scaled up until the wing panels could...
  8. HilldaFlyer

    Community Build F/A-18 Super Hornet 2B the FT-18 when completed

    Hello all FT Scratch Builders. I would like to start this thread to complete a community build of the F/A-18 Super Hornet. There are lots of foamy designs out there, but I would like to have one for FT. The goals of this build will be Use simple build designs familiar to FT for beginner...