Mustang or Hornet?


I have been wanting to get a scale warbird for a while now. Now I have the option to either get a Force RC 1.1m Mustang, or a Force RC F-18. My problem is that my landing strip is less than ideal. Between the dirtbikes and tractors, my yard is really rough by most lawn standards. I am afraid that the rough ground would rip the retracts off of the Mustang. And a belly landing for either would really tare up the belly of my new plane. All I need to know is if the retracts on the Mustang can withstand the landings and how hard the Hornet's belly will get torn-up. Note: I have enough skill to fly my 1.5m Timber without any Safe or buddy box and still do loops, hammer heads, rolls, and stol takeoffs. Thanks!
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Any tractor plane on a rough strip runs an extreme risk of breaking its prop. Landing gear or no!

The EDF would be better for the proposed landing conditions though I would remove the retracts cover the underside with heavy duty packing tape, and use a bungee launcher to ensure that I do not throw it to its death in a poorly judged hand launch! Without the retracts the EDF will really soar possibly even climb vertically and it will also land far slower.

For me it would be the EDF!

Just my opinion of course!

Have fun!


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But then I am afraid that any belly landing will seriously damage either plane.
Scale planes are great to look at, but all the scale detail is just more stuff to break off. It makes a plane fragile. Myself I don’t want a hanger queen, I want a plane to fly.


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I would suggest that a belly landing is always preferable if the surface is rough and grass does not damage the underside that much particularly if you get good as using the stronger ground effect to significantly reduce the actual touch down speed.
Yes a new plane may look nice and pristine but if that is so important to you don't fly it.
It is a fact of life that a model plane will eventually get a "used" appearance when you consider how relatively rough even a tarmac runway is to a model when compared to full size.

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jets don't do well on uneven grass. If you really need a plane that can take off of rough terrain I would suggest a durafly tundra


jets don't do well on uneven grass. If you really need a plane that can take off of rough terrain I would suggest a durafly tundra
I already have an E-flite Timber that I have had lots of flight time on and does great in my grass. I want someting faster more aerobatic than my Timber is. That is what brought my attention to these two planes. I know the V-900 is super fast, but I would really love a fighter if I would be able to land it.
Out of those two options I'm inclined to agree that the F-18 would treat you better. A rough yard seems like guaranteed nose-overs and broken landing gear if it's not a bush plane equivalent.


Thanks all you guys. I think I am either going with an FT Mustang or an FT Racer. They are durable, fast, maneuverable, and versatile. I also want to be able to use it as a first FPV plane that I can grow with but still let it loose if I want. Around my place there's also a lot of trees. I want to be able to pylon race through the trees with FPV eventually. Now it's just the choice of the Mustang or Racer.
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Would this setup work good for a low budget and at closer range (>150yds)? I don't want to have to spend a fortune buying a lower frequency, higher power transmitter.

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I would 100% go with the Mustang. I've always had a strange attachment to the Mustang for some random reason. All FT planes are great though. Good luck!