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  1. M

    Help! Simonk ESC has a lot less thrust...

    Hi, thats my first post and also my first scratch build so I'm pretty much a newbie. I built a FT Mini F-22 and it was working great. For different reasons I now wanted to use another ESC and I bought a cheap 30A Simonk ESC from ebay. The problem is that with this ESC I have alot less thrust. My...
  2. F

    F-22 woes — some recommendations for my first scratch build?

    I've built my first scratch-build plane, the F-22 as seen in the Flite Test video. I did my best to follow along the instructions, and in the end made a nice-looking plane with working electronics....and it flies like a brick. I set up velcro strips all along the nose to experiment with the...
  3. OmarEL

    F-26 Glimmer with afteburners