1. zenith.hjx

    Plane J-20 VS F-22 2021-04-11

    Use 64mm ~70mm EDF and 4s 2200mah battery. Very stable and easy to fly. Can combat or just flying together peacefully. Easier to fly than propeller fighter.
  2. GrizWiz

    Skin EZ Raptor Skins V1

    EZ 3 channel Pack powered F-22 Raptor. Designed for 3 channel EZ Power Pack, but 2 channel pack will work too. Plans: Here Peel paper from the foam and use spray adhesive to secure the skin. Coming Soon: Build thread

    EZ Raptor

    Addicted submitted a new resource: EZ Raptor v1.0 - EZ Pack Powered F-22 Raptor! Read more about this resource...

    Plane EZ Raptor v1.0

    EZ 3 channel Pack powered F-22 Raptor. Designed for 3 ch EZ Power Pack, and 2 ch pack will work, also. And, the amazing @GrizWiz has created some awesome SKINS for the EZ Raptor! Coming Soon: Build thread
  5. dehager

    Part Missile Launcher Rail for Ben Harber's 1:13 Scale F-16 or Similar Jets v01

    I created a set of LAU-129 missile launcher rails for the F-16. Similar to the style Freewing uses for their jets but this incorporates a keyhole mount based on a 4-40 (3mm) bolt. It allows for adjusting the tension and mounting just about anything you want with just two bolts. To install the...
  6. M

    Help! Simonk ESC has a lot less thrust...

    Hi, thats my first post and also my first scratch build so I'm pretty much a newbie. I built a FT Mini F-22 and it was working great. For different reasons I now wanted to use another ESC and I bought a cheap 30A Simonk ESC from ebay. The problem is that with this ESC I have alot less thrust. My...
  7. F

    F-22 woes — some recommendations for my first scratch build?

    I've built my first scratch-build plane, the F-22 as seen in the Flite Test video. I did my best to follow along the instructions, and in the end made a nice-looking plane with working electronics....and it flies like a brick. I set up velcro strips all along the nose to experiment with the...
  8. OmarEL

    F-26 Glimmer with afteburners