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Plane EZ Raptor v1.0

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Flies great and easy to build, thanks for sharing. Wanted to make sure it flew well before skinning (thanks @GrizWiz) so that is the next step because a very stable flyer overall for everyone. Even the 6 year old took a turn, though he should stick to 2ch for now, the plane was able to take some really hard hits with ease.

I did trim the gray ESC holder and glued it to the underneath so it has a "factory" trap door to close in the battery. Not sure what you did on the bottom but it is straightforward enough to experiment with.
Thank you, brother!
I make sure the width of the battery slot/pocket is narrower than the battery, and snug enough to grip and hold the batt in place. I experimented with hook/loop, tape, etc., but like the snug fit better.
The skin will add a bit of weight, so remove as much paper as you can before skinning. And, it will be easier to skin before assembly.
Thanks, again! Enjoy!
Great little plane!
All in weight came to 49g, and it flies well!
Thanks so much for this great design addicted!!!
Thank You!
And, especially, Thank You for all your help, and great SKINS, man!