1. Horseman3381

    Plane Mighty Mini Sea Duck 1.2

    At Flite Fest 2019 there was a gentleman who was flying around a 60% Sea Duck he had built. He didn’t have plans for it and told me he had just printed out a set of scaled down plans and “winged it” as he was building. Ever since I saw it, I knew I one day needed to build one. Last fall I...
  2. FoamyDM

    FDM Bandito - DTFB Conversion of the Viejo

    My good buddy @Zetoyoc keeps taunting me with this small sub 40" flying wing platform, the Viejo. It is a Balsa Kit from somewhere in Europe: I am not sure I agree with the power plant chosen by the Manuf., but I do agree with the look. It is sharp. and looks like a blast to fly. After the...
  3. Pieliker96

    Plane Cormorant II 1.2.1

    The Cormorant II uses twin F pack and a 2250 3s which gives it a aerobatically-oriented thrust-to-weight ratio. It can be configured with optional Fowler Flaps and Drooperons, which enhance slow flight and roll rate respectively. It uses 5 sheets of DTFB. For ongoing developments and more...
  4. B

    Might Mini CF-105 Avro Arrow

    Mighty mini scale Avro Arrow. Probably will come back at some time to round the front nose. But for now it flies pretty well. Motor: 2204kv (F pack) ESC: 20amp Emax Servos: 5 gram (2) Battery: 850mAh, 3 cell Prop: 6x4 2 blade. 3/16" up reflex on ailevons.
  5. FoamyDM

    Plane FoamyDM's Mighty Mini Explorer 1.0

    Do you want the joy of the FT Explorer, but you only have a is a small motor? That's ok. With this easy flying forgiving plane, you can take it around a small or a large park. These plans are ready for you to build exactly what you need. RECOMMENDED ELECTRONICS: Motor 1806...