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Cormorant II

Plane Cormorant II 1.2.1

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
The Cormorant II uses twin F pack and a 2250 3s which gives it a aerobatically-oriented thrust-to-weight ratio. It can be configured with optional Fowler Flaps and Drooperons, which enhance slow flight and roll rate respectively. It uses 5 sheets of DTFB. For ongoing developments and more information, visit its main forum thread. Build instructions can be found in this video.

The plans come in five forms:
.pdf, Full 20" x 30"
.pdf, A4 ("A", 8.5"x11") Tiled
.pdf, A3 ("B", 11"x17") Tiled
.svg, Master Copy
.svg, Laser Optimized (can be converted to gcode with this inkscape plugin)



20201218_115741_HDR.jpg 20201226_145508_HDR.jpg 20201217_162844~2.jpg
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed outboard wing leading edge coloring

    Thanks to @Battery800 for noticing this shortcoming of the plans.
  2. Added optional skis and improved battery tray

    The plans for the skis have been added, check the build log for guidance on how to build them...

Latest reviews

Beautiful and easy build, and good flight characteristics. The videos are also a plus