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f3 femto

  1. FlyinLow

    Help! F3 femto FC on gremlin setup

    Hey everyone, I need some help with my F3 femto flight controller on my gremlin. I first built my gremlin a couple months back and after many flights and crashes it was time for me to replace the f3 femto FC. So I ordered a hole brand new micro power pack that comes with new motors, ESCs, and f3...
  2. S

    Anybody else experience this problem with their Gremlin?

    I'm having an issue where my Gremlin behaves erratically and is impossible to fly. It pitches an banks without any input from the controller. It does this even when sitting on a flat table. This behavior can be seen in Betaflight as well. As I throttle up while connected to the computer...
  3. ewokshoter

    FT gremlin issues.

    This is my first post (if I put it in the wrong spot, my apologies) I received the gremlin kit for Christmas, ive built multi rotors before and even helped a friend build his gremlin) to start off im using a DXE radio (the cheap one with no screen) and the spectrum DSMX FPV Racing serial...
  4. pinpoint45

    sp F3 femto (gremlin) low batt buzzer as lost quad buzzer?

    so i noticed that the FC has the ability to buzz when the vbatt is too low. is it at all possible to access that buzzer to be used on for example Aux2 as a lost model buzzer? is it something that will require CLI coding? is it just not possible? i have tried setting the channel switch in the...