Anybody else experience this problem with their Gremlin?


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I'm having an issue where my Gremlin behaves erratically and is impossible to fly. It pitches an banks without any input from the controller. It does this even when sitting on a flat table.

This behavior can be seen in Betaflight as well. As I throttle up while connected to the computer, the simulation on screen begins to move around randomly, banking up to 20 degrees one way then 20 degrees the other way, all while sitting flat on the work bench next to the computer.

I thought I might have damaged the flight controller because the problem began presenting itself after I soldered on a buzzer. I removed the flight board and installed a brand new one, but am experiencing the exact same issues with the new board.

I'm running stock PIDs and really haven't made any changes in Betaflight other than what I was instructed to change via the Flite Test build video.

Has anybody else experienced anything like this? Any insight would be much appreciated as I've been pulling my hair out over this for the past two days.


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Sounds like vibrations messing with the gyros and accelerometers. Is the new buzzer touching the frame?


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Like Sean says these are extremely sensitive to vibration with such a short wheel base. If anything is allowed to move or bounce against the frame you will get erratic behavior. From my experiences shaking consistently is something left loose to wobble around like a long antenna swinging free or esc wires rocking the FC. If it twitches sporadically that is something bouncing against the frame like a camera or a wire or an antenna.


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You guys rock!
My problem was two fold. First, no, I hadn’t secured the buzzer and it was just resting on the frame. A little dab of hot glue fixed that, but I was still experiencing the weird erratic behavior.

Your suggestions got me thinking more about vibration though, and I remembered that when I added in the buzzer I also swapped out the original foam double stick tape that was holding down the flight board with a much stickier, albeit firmer, 3M double stick tape. I pulled that back out and put in another piece of the original soft foam tape and BAM I’m back in the air!