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  1. PlanesAndThings

    A Random Thread! (Everyone can post!) [*NEW POLL*]

    I made this thread for plane ideas that SHOULDN'T be able to work, funny plane ideas, weird things, epic fails, epic success's, and other random things! Post whatever you want! Yes! :)
  2. X

    Cessna 180 fail maiden flight

    I failed because I had the balance point set wrong , I fixed it since and this build is awesome. For a good laugh at a noob Here's the link -->> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufuWktwBzIc&feature=youtu.be
  3. SpaceWalker1992

    backwards, upsidedown, and mirrored?

    today I maidened my FT arrow. (SPOILERS: I'm gonna have to rebuild it) and while walking out to the field, the whole time I was talking myself through how I would do a thorough pre-flight. I look at it and everything held well. this was going to be my first FPV experience, too, so add another 80...
  4. flyingsquirrelRC

    Something FUNNY!

    I don't know about you guys, but I am always in the mood for something funny. Bomb drops, FPV fails, ANYTHING! Don't have anything myself:(, but will try and get in the air soon. With winter here there isn't a whole lot of flying to do. But hey! Here is something from FT to start us off: :)
  5. dannyboy70000

    Post here your crash footage

    i want to make a landing or crash landing compilation on my you tube channel but i have very few crashes here is one of mine if you would like to could you please leave links to your crashes and your name and you tube channel if you have one so i can credit the footage to...
  6. Flyingninja

    eSport 2.0 Update

    Hi! I got up at 5:30 to test fly my new design... remember I wanted it to go fast.(bad idea) Here is the aftermath: On the first flight everything was OK. But it was fast...too fast. So I backed off the throttle and the plane did a high speed stall. :( I brought it down, moved my cg a little...
  7. C

    FT Versa DLG Prototype.

    So, I will start out with an apology. Mainly because I am new at this whole forum thing, but also, because I rushed this build. And, well, it shows. However, I believe I had some small success. I have been flying RC for about 3 years, but have always gotten my planes 2nd hand, and have only had...
  8. StoneKap

    Flite Test FAILURE!! Y-6 Debacle :[

    Do not show your kids this episode. Do not try this at home. David had to go home because he was a bad influence on us. This is proof that we are not experts or very intelligent... FLITE TEST Y6 FAILURE! :p
  9. Jeffrey Saelee

    Failed builds, Bad Crashes....Post Pics

    Suggested by Fred Provost (AKA Flying Monkey) Post pictures of your failed builds, Bad crashes, etc here. I might post some too. :)