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backwards, upsidedown, and mirrored?

today I maidened my FT arrow. (SPOILERS: I'm gonna have to rebuild it) and while walking out to the field, the whole time I was talking myself through how I would do a thorough pre-flight. I look at it and everything held well. this was going to be my first FPV experience, too, so add another 80 dollars of FPV equipment. I had to reverse the motor leads, it was spinning the wrong way. then I made sure all the control surfaces worked, only worked, but not in what direction. So I go and throw it, it threw really well at about 3/4 throttle. that's about all the good of that throw. it wiggled, I countered, it kept it up until it was about 45 degrees in the roll axis, so I decided to gain some altitude. I pulled back and increased the throttle a bit. it nosedived from about 10 feet up. I had a camera in the front of that thing, no protection, nothing. it survived that, thankfully. All I could Diagnose is that the ailerons were reversed. I didn't notice the elevator. I threw it again after fixing the ailerons, and it got about 5 feet further. I looked at the elevator controls while walking it back and noticed that it was going the wrong direction. I reversed that, and by this time, it had developed a few creases, in such a fashion that it would bend the wing tips down when I pushed down on them. its a lot better than up, so it probably will work. The battery wasn't velcroed in, so I used a few rubber bands for friction in the fuselage and shoved it in there. this time, I launched it, fully expecting it to end my flying day. I was in a bad mood from that so I was pretty upset that when I pulled down my quanum 2's, there was a big fat "no signal" sign blinking on it. I had to scramble to push them up and land the plane. I bullied the plane into a steep glideslope, and it hit pretty bad. it was a semi-crash. by this time I was fuming with myself, about not doing my preflight as I had droned on and on about to myself in the car. I decided to move the camera back, and while doing that I discovered that the camera was unplugged. I plugged it back in, and decided to just put the camera back in the front. the nose was looking something nasty, so I straight up ripped it off and taped the camera in. this time I had everythign in order. trims were set, and I threw it. about 50 feet above the ground I nodded my head in order to flick the goggles down. went half way down. now I was 1/4 line of site, 1/4 FPV, and 1/2 in a black room. oh good. I went to climbing power and kept shaking and throwing my head around. It must've looked like there was a swarm of bees around me with what I was doing. finally it slipped over fully and I experienced my first FPV flight. 45 minutes of trial and error, and 5 minutes of pure bliss. that was my day, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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Sounds like my Tiny Trainer maiden. Elevator reversed. Perfect launch, flew 10', went to give it some up and it javelined straight into the ground. The force was so much, it unplugged my servo extension cables. I still haven't had an opportunity to fly it a second time.

It happens to the best of us.
I did it also
had flown a NANO QX around my house and just recieved an Eathine 250 Quad
ran to the store and bought a spektrum receiver and planned on using the NANO's radio
set it all up in LibrePilot even noticed the reversed ailerons and fixed that
go to maiden it out on the front street
pop up and hover then (gently) try to go forward and fish it out of the tree behind me
15 SEC of flight 3 props