1. FoamyDM

    Your Pre-field or pre-flight Checklist

    What is your Pre-Field/car loading Checklist, or your pre-flight checklist? I imagine the pre-flight should look like like the list on the Maiden thread here. After my last failed maiden, I wish I had read it.
  2. jaskoller

    Flying Field Rules for "Drones" and multirotors

    My RC flying club recently has been getting requests from people flying that have purchased drones to join and use our flying field. We have two runways and they are used primarily by fixed wing aircraft. For those of you that are members of clubs or use shared RC Flying fields, how do you...
  3. CYYZMichael

    Toronto indoor fields

    Do any of you know of a good indoor field near Toronto, Ontario? Thanks Mike
  4. Rcplaneguy

    What are YOUR flying fields?

    Hey everybody and thanks for checking out the thread! I wanted to make a thread about where you guys fly! Currently I fly at a local park about the size of 2 soccer fields. Come winter time my buddy and I build an ice runway on the neighborhood lake! Here is a picture and a video! Video...