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  1. BS projects inc.

    Fun idea for a movie

    Who here has seen a Bruce Brown film such as Endless Summer or On Any Sunday? I love both of these films and I think a Bruce Brown type film would be an excellent way to shed light on the hobby for people who don't completely understand it. Especially considering that the hobby is under threat...
  2. R

    Advise please! Wanting to work in aerial photography part time.

    Hi everyone. I'm a fulltime student, studying mechanical engineering. I've been looking for part time jobs, I've also been thinking about working for myself part time. I've been considering setting up for taking aerial photography. Just a couple of days a week to help with fees and living...
  3. Desert.Rat

    Unmanned Vehicles Report from Military & Aerospace Electronics

    This came in my email today. Looks like everyone is on the UAV bandwagon which I'm sure the FAA knew was coming down the pipe and were encouraged to make it tough for any small companies to get there foot in the door. Its all about the money, and when someone says its not about money, its...
  4. A

    WOW! This is an amazing drone video!

    A Place to post your favorite drone vids.
  5. D

    Drones Filming Planes and Gliders

    https://youtu.be/3xkqwqhPI1s Had the incredible chance to film the operations at the New Castle Virginia glider port. Hope you enjoy this film. Full permission was granted from the pilots to do the filming. All of the aerial shots were filmed with the DJI Inspire 1. Thanks for watching! (If...
  6. C

    cheap quadcopter photography fpv setup

    hi, I am looking for a quadcopter that i can use to film my family when on holiday or out for the day. I have trouble getting around and walking so i can't get a paper round or anything so i can't afford to buy the expensive dii's, blade, and all of those quadcopters and was wondering if anyone...
  7. D

    Ford GT Super Car Aerial Film: Dji Phantom 2

    I had the incredible opportunity to film and go for a ride in our friends Ford GT! Please like and comment!!
  8. D

    Beautiful Fpv Aerial Nature Music Video With My Piano Piece

    Please Comment! Let me know what you think.