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first buid

  1. Mayfly.jpg


  2. Air frame.jpg

    Air frame.jpg

  3. Aftermath.jpg


  4. S

    First Build! Spektrum AR620 not activating EMAX ESC

    Hi Everyone, This is my first Flite Test build and my first anything build since the late 80's. I have a Spektrum DX6, which has properly bound to the AR620 (powered by the ESC) and moves servos fine; however, the throttle does not engage the motor, nor do I get the arming beeps when I power it...
  5. FoamyDM

    Fun in the Sun with Clouds - FoamyDM FT-Simple Soarer

    The very first plane I built from scratch was the FT simple Soarer. It was back in August 26th, 2016 base on the dates of the pics. I had no IDEA what I was doing, but the directions were clear. I did my best to balance it (with play dough and rocks) and chucked it. I was somewhat convinced...
  6. S

    First ever build.

    Hello good day, well i decided i am going to try and build my first quad. After some research i decided to try my hands on building a Knuckle H quad. Thing is i have got four motors from a Walkera MX400. My neighbour crashed it bad but they have been hardly used and now he gave them to me. I...