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Fun in the Sun with Clouds - FoamyDM FT-Simple Soarer


Building Fool-Flying Noob
The very first plane I built from scratch was the FT simple Soarer. It was back in August 26th, 2016 base on the dates of the pics.

465.JPG 464.JPG 463.JPG
I had no IDEA what I was doing, but the directions were clear. I did my best to balance it (with play dough and rocks) and chucked it.
I was somewhat convinced. but not enough to put the motor in. and I didn't want to mess it up. This plane is 57.5" wingspan!
I wasn't about to ruin that great work... I turned to building a the tiny trainer so as to learn something.

The Setup:
B-pack motor(eMax 2822) motor
8x6 propeller
2200mAh 35C 3S Lipo pack
2-5g servos
30A Esc with 5V/2A BEC
I plugged the Rudder in the Aileron Slot to fly.

Fast forward nearly 2 years. and a LOT of building and some solid successful flights under my belt...

Now it was time. Yup Let start flying it .

maybe I should have waited for the wind to subside... like this day:

With that win, I took it again out to the local field, and had some fun easy long-flying fun and met Bill (see man in 2nd pic) the local glider guy, and caught my first thermals. (Thanks Bill for the education!)

for reference I'm 6ft tall.

After that, I felt I could take a moment to tape/color it up so I can tell up from down.
This was after my videographer went on summer break, I tried my hand at it... while flying.
"Look guys, one hand!"

Take Away:
It was easy to build even as a first build, inexpensive and it works great as a 2 ch or 3ch glider, and if you wanted to add ailerons, 4 would be good too.
This is a docile flyer that you can take to the field and fly for about an hour on 2 batteries for some relaxed searching for thermals.

I can't recommend it enough. This has been my go too flyer, I rarely bust a prop, and it sets down gentle so as not to sustain damage.

I would love to see your pictures, (share below)




Building Fool-Flying Noob
I tried FPV on this build and had a great deal of fun.
sadly on it's last flight, I had the FPV signal blinked out a bit then in ,and went dead. When it blinked in, the plane was flying erratic. And I got a general guide but was unable to recover. I might rebuild tonight. :)

It's too relaxing and fun a plane NOT to rebuild