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    First FPV Set-up; No Video

    I've been flying my Spedix S250 for about 6 months now and decided to start messing with FPV. I'm taking my HAM Technicians test next month but I went ahead and purchased my FPV transmitter and receiver so I could get everything word up and working prior to getting my license and flying. I'm...
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    Whats the best and cheapest rc plane for me to start with

    Ok i have been watching ALOT of flight test and i really want to start flying. ( i already have a rc truck but i think flying will be something new) i saw some of the swapables and i was wondering if that would be a cheap easy and durable first flyer for me to start with
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    Parkzone P51-D Mustang

    I just bought the new P51-d Mustang ultra micro plane as my first RC plane. I've only put two batteries through it but I love the little thing, it does very good. I normally fly an Axe100CP so i do have a flying base, but not on planes. Anyone got any thoughts on this ultra micro? the goods...
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    First build ever, H Quad, Need Help Thanks!

    I built the wooden H Quad frame, looks great, now I need to add all the parts. Here's the shopping list I'm working on.... 1x #381000134/27109 MultiWii Lite V1.0 Flight Controller w/FTDI = $26.29 4x #TR_P18A/4312 TURNIGY Plush 18amp Speed Controller = $44.04 2x #AM1003A/67 4mm Gold Connectors...