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Parkzone P51-D Mustang

I just bought the new P51-d Mustang ultra micro plane as my first RC plane. I've only put two batteries through it but I love the little thing, it does very good. I normally fly an Axe100CP so i do have a flying base, but not on planes.

Anyone got any thoughts on this ultra micro? the goods, the bads I should look for?
One thing I should have added was that this is the one with the X prop and red rudder. I've seen many of them with a regular prop and yellow rudder. not sure if that means much, but it looks cool.
The AS3X makes it very nice for a newbie like me and when flying in low winds, because a low wind with this guy is like a major wind for a big plane.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I was actually surprised at how well it flew in mild winds without AS3X. I've never tried the stabilization but I've been thinking about putting it on my big nitro Cub.
I bought one a while back and have crashed and repaired it a numerous amount of times. I LOVE IT! but after 50+ flights the little brushed motor is starting to become weak (but that could be from my crashes) and the joint sleeves on the control arms do slip after a few crashes which caused me to lose rudder control once and crash again. That can be fixed with a litter super glue though. Not so good as far as inverted flight...the first attempt of mine was full down elevator, but it kept descending so I snapped my tail off. But rolls and loops are fun and super easy in this. Try dogfighting with the birds :)