Whats the best and cheapest rc plane for me to start with


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Ok i have been watching ALOT of flight test and i really want to start flying. ( i already have a rc truck but i think flying will be something new) i saw some of the swapables and i was wondering if that would be a cheap easy and durable first flyer for me to start with


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For a flitetest plane, I say the nut ball because its very easy to build and loads of fun.

For an RR, which is what I would recommend for a first plane, the Hobby King AXN. Easy to assemble, easy to repair, and will grow with you. And fun.


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Best and cheapest do not really belong in the same sentence. The E-Flite Apprentice S is probably the best trainer out there right now. But it is around $300. Swappables can be made under $100 for everything but you are really cutting it short in the radio dept if you go that cheap.
For cheap and good, I think the best balance is the Hobbyzone Champ. Have to fly it on a very calm day but other than that it is a good trainer for right around $90. It taught me how to fly and is still very entertaining as skills improve.


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For a plane, start by building the FT Flyer from scratch and buy the power kit from LazerToyz. $55
For a radio and receiver, if you don't have one, Hobbyking has 4 and 6 channel kits for under $30. These are good enough to use with several of the swappables.

That's the cheapest way to get started. If you have more funds, the previous suggestions may be a better way to start.