flight control board

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    NEED HELP!! A Noob experimenting with KK 2.1.5 board in FT Explorer!

    First of all, I don't understand anything about the concept of firmware. Like which firmware goes on which board and WHY!?Does it depend upon the aircraft model that you are flying? Do an RC drone and an RC plane use different firmware? What is the difference between a good firmware and the best...
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    Openpilot Mini CC3D Flight Control Board

    I have Open pilot Mini CC3D Flight Control Board with out a usb port. How can I program it with cleanflight?
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    Quadcopter Flight Control Board??

    Hi guys, so I'm currently designing my first homemade quadcopter and was wondering which flight control board to get based on what I want the quad to do. I'm building a quad for photography and footage and my camera is a gopro so it will be required to be a stable quad capable of lifting some...
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    Multiwii 2.0

    For my first tricopter I was thinking of going with the KK2.1 board, but I really want the benefits of a GPS enabled controller. I stumbled across the Multiwii Pro 2.0 from ready to fly quads and it looks great. For only 60 bucks it comes with GPS. They also say it is ready to fly out of the...
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    Quad or Hex

    Greetings Everyone, I'm looking for some suggestions, I really want a larger multi-rotor, but I am torn between going with a quad or a hex, I'm considering the DJI 450 and DJI 550. Is the kit with DJI motors and ESC worth it, or would I be better off getting different motors and Simon K ESC's...
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    KK 2.0 Alternatives

    Hello All, I'm new to the hobby and am embarking on my very first scratch build using the bat bone kit. Seeing how hobbyking has been sold out of the KK2.0 LCD flight computer for quite a while, I'm getting impatient and looking for viable alternatives. I would LOVE to do the DJI Naza Lite...
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    Multi rotor flight control board

    Hy, I'm new here :D I want to build a flight control board something like KK2 board. But not necessarily so complicated. I want to build it from scratch, form parts list, design, circuit diagram in Eagle (or other program) to programing it. I know it's hard work. :)) Any idea where can I...