Quadcopter Flight Control Board??


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Hi guys,
so I'm currently designing my first homemade quadcopter and was wondering which flight control board to get based on what I want the quad to do. I'm building a quad for photography and footage and my camera is a gopro so it will be required to be a stable quad capable of lifting some weight. I'v been reading about the OpenPilot CC3D and Naze32 boards, however nowhere is very specific on which board would be better for a photography quad. In your opinion which board could carry out these tasks better such as hovering, holding altitude and just flying about smoothly, maybe some speed and maneuverability of course ;) Any other cheapish board suggestions for this type of quad is welcomed too :)
Thanks in advance!


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neither. i think i would look into a sparky 2.
or brainFPV, you will need more than the naze32, or CC3d.. they just do not have enough CPU power for what you are wanting.

check out sparky 2, brainfpv. or if you need more robot stuff APM, pitchhawk, etc.

that is where i would start.. also i would consider a gimbal for the gopro.