flitetest plane

  1. W


    I built my first FT SPITFIRE and when we do the simple overhead throw takeoff it doesn't fly right and flies about 15 feet before hitting the ground. I don't know if it is nose heavy or tail heavy or unbalanced? I have a 2200KV motor with a 8x6 xoar prop. It has a 11.1 volt 2200mah battery. I'm...
  2. Man O' War

    FW-190/A8 1:16 Model.

    The most incredible thing about this build is that the whole thing is built of 100% cardboard. If anyone has any questions, you can reply here, or e-mail me at: raiyanabdurrajjaque@gmail.com Credit: MiniacRC
  3. FoamyDM

    FTFC21: Build-ruary by FoamyDM

    FTFC21 Build-ruary by FoamyDM (Build Skill: 4 Skilled, Pilot SKill: 3 comfortable ) AeroCar by FoamyDM (new scratch build) F-22 (50mm 3EDF) by Grifflyer HRC WASP by The Hangar RC HRC T-6 Texan by The Hangar RC It is possible two of these planes may not be ready in time. Alternate 1: FT...
  4. A

    FT MINI GUINEA PIG! - AcroMode

    Recently built an ft mini guinea and its fantastic! One of the best flying small foam planes I have built! Here is a quick video I made of it, hope you enjoy!