1. RossFPV


    I have not seen much about scouts with floats so I decided to make a thread dedicated to scouts. Here you can show tips, build progress and flying videos!
  2. Qwenther

    Help! Float Help!

    I got these floats from a friend. I want to figure out what the came off of so I can figure out some cross-compatibility with my own stuff, as well as find the look of the struts that connected to the fuselage. Has anyone seen or used these before? They are 26" floats with dual rudders
  3. GiantAntCowboy

    Oops, crashed into the ocean! (a fjord technically...)

    Got a little crazy last week and crashed into a Norwegian fjord! Fortunately I was testing a new GoPro at the time and ended up with some nice footage! “DHC Turbo Beaver Saltwater Crash and Rescue” Need to build an RC rescue boat I think 🤔 thoughts?
  4. ScottyWarpNine

    FT Micro DHC-2 Beaver Unboxing and Assembly

    I made a quick unboxing and assembly video for the new FT Micro Beaver! It went together way easier than I thought it would. Can't wait for some warmer weather to fly it!
  5. C

    Float Mini Guinea

    Hello all! I know there have been some of you wishing someone built a float Mini Guinea, since it would look like a Sea Otter, and would just be awesome! Well, I have done it. Please pardon the poor look of my plane, as I crash often, and am not worried about aesthetics so long as the thing...
  6. Aretaic

    Propping Up for Floats?

    So I'm setting up the FT Simple Cub with a set of floats, I'm curious if the 8045 slow flyer prop is still alright with the extra drag (both in the water and the air) and additional weight. I've been using the B power packs, with the 20A ESC and Emax 2213-935KV, Hyperion 3s 1100Mah batteries...
  7. O


    My buddy has an eFlite Apprentice with the float set and it's just awesome, so I found some DIY floats and slapped them on a FT Storch and we both headed to the lake. The sad little floats I made worked but not well and I wanted a better experience with the DTFB price tag. Here's a quick video...
  8. J

    Super Cub: Mounting Cheap 720 HD Cam???

    I have a 720 HD Camera made for RC planes... its about the size of a baby carrot or so. It isn't waterproof or high quality but it does the job. Anyway, I want to mount it to my super cub when I fly with floats (I only really fly the Super Cub at the lake and leave the floats on all the time)...