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Super Cub: Mounting Cheap 720 HD Cam???


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I have a 720 HD Camera made for RC planes... its about the size of a baby carrot or so. It isn't waterproof or high quality but it does the job.

Anyway, I want to mount it to my super cub when I fly with floats (I only really fly the Super Cub at the lake and leave the floats on all the time). I have tried a few different places but keep getting water on the lens which makes the video useless... completely distorted pictures. I'm guessing that's because the camera isn't high quality.

Any ideas of where I could mount it or what I could do to prevent water from getting up on the lens?

To waterproof all my electronics that I run on my seaplanes, I will coat whatever exposed PCB in epoxy. I've burnt through many ESC testing water proof materials and 5 min epoxy should works the best. It should be fine for a camera as long as you avoid the buttons and front of the lens.

For mounting it I would probably use Velcro, tape, or hot glue, and maybe even a combination of those. If you're looking for advice on where to mount, the sky is the limit. If you were to put it on the nose or on the tail I would make sure that you counter balance it by moving the battery or adding weight to the opposite side. Look out across the wing tip looks cool and if you put it directly on too of the wing in the center it kinda looks like you are in the cockpit.

And to keep water from collecting in the lens itself you can cover the lens it rainx. That's what I do you all of my waterproof gopro housings and it works great.
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I was going to say that RainX might work. It's designed to repel water. Rustoleum makes a new product called "Never Wet" that should work too. Although I have to idea if Never Wet is clear or if it would haze your lens.



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Thanks for the ideas! Yeah, the camera itself is a bit cheap... it tends to get foggy with any moisture. Ill probably use serhan wrap just to keep it dry.


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You could always get or make a plastic case for the camera and use Rain X or Never Wet on the plastic case. Then there is no chance of ruining the camera with something that shouldn't be applied to it. Maybe a modified soda bottle?


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I know it's been a while since this post, but has anyone tried the Never Wet stuff on DTFB? Just curious. Thanks.