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  1. A


    So my friend and I flew his Horizon Hobby sport cub S late last summer, and he nose dived, and wrecked it. The foam in the front came off, and the tail got completely ripped off. So today I finally came around to fix it, I fixed the tail, only to find i had another problem, the throttle wouldnt...
  2. R

    Flying in the rain! VLOG 14

    For the last couple of weeks it's been raining pretty much non stop! Couple of days ago I decided to go flying anyway and found this new awesome spot!
  3. R

    Testing Betaflight 3.2 | Dynamic notch | VLOG #3

    The first release candidate of Betaflight 3.2 has been released just over 2 weeks ago. After hearing so many good things about it, I decided to test it out myself!
  4. R

    Sunset smoothness FPV freestyle

    Love this spot during sunset!
  5. R

    Day in the field FPV freestyle

    I went to a big field for a change instead of a big forest!
  6. FlyMax

    First Balsa Plan Build FlyingWing Glider CO7

    These are the dimensions of the CO7 FlyingWing glider that I used to scratch build my very first balsa plane, the plans are found here: http://www.aerodesign.de/modelle/NF/co7_hlg.htm If you have any questions about this model or want help to build one yourself, hit me up! :D The airfoil was...
  7. R

    A bit heavier kwad better for freestyle?

    For the last 7 months or so I was flying a really light weight true-X quad. Ever since I switched from a standard 210 to a 200 trueX quad I had some issues. One of the things I was running into was, I had issues getting inverted over trees with some amount of wind. The quad just did not have...
  8. R

    Beautiful spring morning

  9. M

    Flying Field Weather Station

    I thought I'd share this with the FT community. I'm nearing the end of a build of a weather station for my local club. We are in a location with no power or WiFi, so this is a DOLRAM station: Dirt Cheap Off-grid Low maintenance Realtime Atmospheric Monitoring Project details on my personal...
  10. M


    Just been watching some of the old Flight Test shows and the combination of Josh Bixler and Josh Scott. They were hysterical together during the teacher-student episodes. I wonder if they could adopt this idea below: Well we all know who the Wright Brothers were, so why not have a fun video...
  11. R

    Diving that building....

    For a long time I was watching this building and thought, one day... Last weekend we went there and flew...
  12. R

    Winter wonderland FPV freestyle

    It was cold...
  13. R

    Sunset dreaming FPV freestyle

    Got a new video for you guys
  14. A

    FT Simple Soarer

    Hi, I bought 50 sheets of flitetest foam. I was planning on building the Simple Soarer. Problem is, I only have 3S 1300mAh or 2S 800mAh. Will it run on either of those? or do I need to buy some 3S 800 mAh. Thanks Kevin
  15. Supe

    Howdy howdy!

    Hello there. Name is John. Nickname is Supe. I'm a fellow RC pilot from Alabama. I work at Homewood Toy and Hobby in the Birmingham area as the resident RC car tech. Not too much to say about me, really. I'm a friendly guy with a servant's attitude who loves RC and anything that flies. Except...
  16. Z

    flying with lipos

    Hey all! Im new around here, and to the rc world in general, and was wondering if I could get some tips on flying to other countries with my lipos. Im planning on going to spain this summer, and I wanted to bring my phantom 3 with 2 batteries. Anyone know the tsa's rules about drones...
  17. C

    A New type of flying concept....

    I love trains, and in the train world, we do things called "op sessions". What you do in op sessions, is Pretty much realistic operations of trains. like a dispatcher contacts the engineer of that train to tell the engineer what to do (that could be in a form of signals, or manual radio...
  18. A

    check out my new video of me flying my new bolt 250

    pls like and subscribe and give me feed back:cool: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzUsfs1EbZM\ quad specs trying out the new blackout motors from bolltrc 2206-2350kv pilot alex genovese jr cam man Zarak Khan supplier bolt rc http://boltrc.com/ quad bolt 250 esc-little bee 20amp...
  19. D


    Hello everyone I wanted to share our Kickstarter project that is live on Kickstarter! Help us Share with your friends and family to help us bring this amazing quad to life! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...ref=nav_search
  20. Andre

    093 Rooftops and Phantom coffee

    093 Rooftops and Phantom coffee Wayne is back in the studio after being gone for awhile and lets us know about the RC runway at his new house. Andre fills us in on his devastating crash of the HMB quad and how it took a few days to recover it. Chris shares his shenanigans with Phantom 3 and his...