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Flying Field Weather Station

I thought I'd share this with the FT community.

I'm nearing the end of a build of a weather station for my local club. We are in a location with no power or WiFi, so this is a DOLRAM station:
Dirt Cheap
Low maintenance

Project details on my personal blog at - http://tristantodd.com/i-built-my-first-weather-station/

In multiple posts I go through the design and equipment selection details.

What do you think?
Very cool though I wonder why you used both Uno and Mega boards. Why did you not move all the things the Uno was doing on to the Mega?
I used neither - I think you were looking at one of the projects that I had researched (and rejected). I used an off-the-shelf TP Link micro-router flashed with Meteobridge firmware. Then connected that to an off-the-shelf AcuRite system. A very nice clean, affordable setup IMHO!