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  1. M

    Flying wing preliminary design and XFoil pitch stability analysis

    Hello, I am relatively new to flying wing design and I am trying to understand the design process. In order to choose an airfoil, I created a small MATLAB script working with XFoil to select one between some of the NACA5 (reflex) foils. According to my requirements (very large thickness...
  2. smithhayward

    Bi-Wing? Would this work? Have you tried?

    Hey gang! So I do my best (read: weirdest) thinking between 10pm and 1am and for some reason I just thought, "What if you took two flying wings and mounted them on top of one another? What if the wings were under cambered instead of just flat bottomed? The space between the wings would be able...
  3. F

    FPV static blackout, HELP!

    Hello, I am very excited to be getting into the FPV side of the hobby. I did some research and choose the blunt nose versa for my airframe, I have a Spektrum dx6i for a transmitter, and Hobbyking's Quanum Complete FPV Bundle Set w/ Goggles, 5.8GHz 32ch Video TX & RX...
  4. Jnr Kuzi

    FT Blunt Nose Meets SBA Chimera "i think" (Theory)

    Hey Guys, something amazing happened & then I decided to attempt to Scratch Build my first RC Plane. I was Cleaning up our storage room then,i found 2 Hair driers in Sisters Junk Drawer. Openned them & Found Nice Brushed Motors. So the First thing Popped up in my Mind "Bixler scratch build"...
  5. andycho

    30+times crash video of my flying wing..but finally I can fly..

    I am new one,play with rc hobby about 2 months. This is my first made and fly RC aircraft (FT Blunt Nose Conversion).I fly it more than 30 times but still not good enough. But I learn a lot of things about fly. It is a awesome journey. I like the video record my mistake, and also I will keep...