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30+times crash video of my flying wing..but finally I can fly..


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I am new one,play with rc hobby about 2 months. This is my first made and fly RC aircraft (FT Blunt Nose Conversion).I fly it more than 30 times but still not good enough. But I learn a lot of things about fly. It is a awesome journey. I like the video record my mistake, and also I will keep this hobby.



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Nice job sticking to it! You can really see your progression going nicely. You picked a very hard aircraft type to fly with as someone new to the hobby, so you have definitely learned fast. I just love the flight characteristics of the Versa Wing. I was being silly / stupid yesterday, and flew my third build right into a tree, as I was trying to tune a APM flight controller. I left it in the autotune mode even as I neared the stand of trees, when I should have switched to manual mode for more control. Crashes happen and are a part of the hobby. I recovered the Versa when the winds picked up and blew it down. It was water logged from the heavy rain that followed the wind, but the electronics should be ok other than the battery. Onto build #4!


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Yes! I think this wing is not easy to fly for the beginners too, but I really like its design and its appearance. when I fly it I just feel it's hard for me.
It is lucky the electronics is still work. Last time the crash broke one of my battery,but the foam body is still can be repaired. I think foam board rc plane is good for me, because of I was always crash. :)


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In my opinion the FT Versa and BNV are awesome airframes! I have built quite a few of them including a dual motor pusher BNV and an EDF standard versa. I love your video and the way you show your progression. Great job!

If you don't mind just a little advice. I recommend just a touch more weight in the nose and, if your transmitter can do it, I recommend adding a little expo to both your elevator and aileron channels but it looks like mostly your elevator. If you don't have expo then maybe go one or two holes down on your servo arms. You can always dial things back up once you become a little more comfortable! I think these two small adjustments will give you a lot more control and a more comfortable flight.

Again, awesome video and thanks for sharing!


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Thank you BankNYank!

Thank you BankNYank! I follow you advice and adjust the expo , It works! last saturday I fly it very comfortable, but at last it crash too many times the airframe is become soft. So after fly I start to build a new wing. I think this one will be better.

And also I record video of last test fly. I will post it soon.


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I am glad to hear you are getting more comfortable flights! You are progressing great! Keep up the practice and I can't wait to see future videos!

A common saying for scratch builders is "Build, fly, crash, repeat". I have built 6 FT Versa Wings, two of which are so beat up they will never fly again. Can't wait to see you back in the air with your new build!

Foam Addict

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Very good!

I wouldn't have recommended that as a first plane, but you learned fast and discovered the durability of flying wings.
Have a lot of fun in this hobby, it's a great and educational pastime.


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Great video, Andy! That's how I learned to fly, myself - although in my case it was an Old Fogey that I crashed and rebuilt many times until I can now fly through batteries with no problems, and I enjoy the flights a lot. Unless it's too windy, like right now. :-(

Keep up the great work, and keep us posted!

I also have build a FT-Old Fogey. But I still can't fly it .I don't know why it's always crash. Sometimes make me crazy.... So I changed to the wing. At least I can fly it up...