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flysky fs-i6

  1. nanonatron

    how to connect a flysky FS-i6 to Skyzone 02X goggles for headtracking or how to use headtracking at all?

    hello, I want to buy a Skyzone 02X for Christmas and already have a pan and tilt gimbals. The skyzone has a ppm signal out cable in for of a PS2 connector... So can I just plug it in to my transmitter and assign a channel or so (I don't know how to do the channel stuff so I would appreciate it...
  2. B

    Help using PPM with quadcopter

    Hi, So i am trying to use this flight controller, https://www.getfpv.com/lumenier-lux-f7-ultimate-flight-controller-dual-gyros.html and connect it with this transmitter...
  3. I

    Flysky FS-I6x transmitter with 270 degree servos question

    I am looking to purchase a Flysky FS-I6x transmitter for a project that I am working on. The issue I keep running into is how I am going to control 4 separate servos with 4 switches. I need to turn a servo about 120/130 degrees from starting position and return to start. From my understanding...
  4. kilroy07

    Part 3D printed FLYSKY i6 (i6-X) field-box Protector 2.0

    I use a plastic tub for my field box and got worried about my transmitters just bouncing around in there. So here's my design for a drop-in protector for the FLYSKY i6 line of transmitters. You can find it here on thingiverse; (Forum says file is too large...)...
  5. P

    flysky fs-i6x Rc battery warning

    So I bought this transmitter like 6 months ago just recently ,whenever the Walmart foam plane video came out, took it out of the box and flew 3 short less then a min. each test flights for a plane and now when I turn it on says Rx battery is dead. I only had 2 lipo's so tried the other same...
  6. N

    Fly Sky I6 Reciver to Naze32

    This thread may be already here if it is I apologize. So I'm building a 250 quadcopter. Initially I got the naze32 fc wired to the D4RII. I did not have a transmitter at that time, so I bought the Flysky I6 as I heard its a great beginner controller. From my understanding I can not hook up the...