Flysky FSI6 - Mode 2 --> 1 conversion issue


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The Flysky FSI6 has been my main TX ever since I started the hobby, and never failed me. The only annoyance I had to work with is the fact that it is by default a mode 2 TX, which I had to change to mode 1 for RC planes. This conversion process was rather easy : switch the sticks on the inside, swap some plugs for the trims and done. Now the radio functions properly but has exchanged the "throttle stick" for the other stick, which is very unsafe, and unpractical.
First, when the device is turned on, the safety system asks for the throttle to be lowered, now I just have to pitch down regardless of the throttle. Second, I am no longer able to program a motor killswitch (throttle hold set to 0). This function just sets the elevator to a perticular position (useless).

Is it possible to reprogram the FSI6 so that it re-switches the throttle sticks, using a custom firmware or just a built-in setting that I am not aware of ?

Thank you for your help.


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Even though I bought a Spektrum Dx6i 15 years ago before I could even fly I learned to fly on the FSi6. It is very underrated and the only radio I use now. Now back to your question. I found a youtube video showing how a guy swapped over the sticks to go from mode 1 to mode 2. Not sure if he had to do anything else since it was not made in english.

***Edit*** at the end of the video he does show how you can go into the radio settings to change it from mode 1 to mode 2.