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Fly Sky I6 Reciver to Naze32

This thread may be already here if it is I apologize. So I'm building a 250 quadcopter. Initially I got the naze32 fc wired to the D4RII. I did not have a transmitter at that time, so I bought the Flysky I6 as I heard its a great beginner controller. From my understanding I can not hook up the flysky I6 to the D4RII so I installed the receiver that came with the controller, now the naze32 had a jumper on it to make it PPM. This board just says that channel 1 is ppm. I have 20A opto ESCs all 4 going to my naze board then I have a UBEC coming from the naze board to the Flight controller for the 5v power. I have the transmitter binded with the receiver and PPM set on the transmitter and in open flight for the naze board. I thought that would allow me to be ready to go. Once I hook up the controller in openflight when I move the sticks nothing happens so apparently the naze and receiver are not talking to eachother. My main question is how is the receiver supposed to be wired to the naze?? its the rev5 version of the naze. I have the red black and white wire soldered to the board going black red and white wire to the 1 pin and those three connected to channel 1 on the receiver which the manual says is for ppm (its not specifically labeled PPM on the receiver only in the manual) any help would be great. Or if anyone knows how to link up the FS I6 transmitter to the D4RII receiver that would be great. I know its not possible. If anyone knows exactly what I'm talking about please help. Again I'm not using the naze wires with all the servo connections. The servos are connected to my naze board. Thanks!!


That looks like the iA6 receiver which doesn't have PPM. The ia6b has ppm, and I-Bus (serial). The ia6b does have PPM written next to channel 1. If you have the ia6b you still need to enable the PPM output for the receiver through the transmitter menu.

The ia6 only has PWM outputs.