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fpv airframe

  1. RcMatt

    Micro 2.5" Drone Frame

    Over the past year I have been designing and refining a micro quad around the 2 - 2.5" prop size. The final frame design is only 21 grams w/o electronics and has the performance of a 5" quad. All Runcam micro cameras fit and have a strong carbon mount. They are now for sale on my website...
  2. S

    can't decide on airframe

    Ok collecting electronics before the plane. Here is what I have Turnigy 9xr pro Ezuhf jr module ezuhf receiver light Ezosd 5.8ghz 1 watt china ebay video transmit and receiver Ardupilot with gps and compass Gopro 3 and also have sony effio-e board camera Need range and flight time for...