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fpv flying

  1. Z

    Getting into fpv freestyle and I need some help

    Hi I'm Zane and watching YouTube today I found flitetests YouTube video talking about this forum and It sounded perfect for what I needed to get into this hobby. So basically I want to fly freestyle fpv and I've been watching a lot of videos and I can't wait to fly in fpv, I've saved up 150$ so...
  2. A

    Best FPV moments!

    Please post your best FPV Moments in this thread! Here are my best fpv moments. Hope you enjoy! This video was filmed mainly using a turnigy action camera. The aircraft used in this video for anyone that's intrested where an FT Versa wing, FT Explorer, Diatone 250 FPV racer, DJI phantom FC40...
  3. Andre

    My VersaCopter V2 Experience

    Recently I got my hands on a FliteTest VersaCopter V2. Specs: Flite Test VersaCopter V2.0 Power Pack E (Racing Mini QuadCopter) Naze 32 Flight Controller Rev 5 FrSky XSR 2.4 Ghz ACCST Receiver The build which I will detail below was pretty straight foward and if you listen to the podcast...