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My VersaCopter V2 Experience


Fly yes... land no.
Recently I got my hands on a FliteTest VersaCopter V2.


Flite Test VersaCopter V2.0

Power Pack E (Racing Mini QuadCopter)

Naze 32 Flight Controller Rev 5

FrSky XSR 2.4 Ghz ACCST Receiver

The build which I will detail below was pretty straight foward and if you listen to the podcast you'll get to hear how tough this beast of a quad is.

While in Ohio I was having a riot ducking around/going through trees and the VersaQuad put up with it.
This while not running any of the proper settings. I merely flashed the FC and went flying.

Initially the booms troubled me but then I hit a tree and the ingenious design shined through.

Simple re-level the motor and go flying again. The entire weekend I only broke 1 triple blade prop.


While not a plug and play sort of project it is something you can defiantly build.
Just take your time and study wiring.

IMG_9634.JPG IMG_9647.JPG
- Really impressed with the packaging.

IMG_9664.JPG IMG_9688.JPG
- I have become a fan of power distribution boards for sure.

IMG_9690.JPG IMG_9692.JPG IMG_9693.JPG IMG_9705.JPG IMG_9707.JPG
- I did have an issue with one of my booms being a touch too big so it does sport some scars from the install.

- I do recommend you switch to the lock nuts vs the prop caps because in a crash those will spin off.

Still working away:

While I was at FT HQ I did take note of their setup as I'm still trying to figure out how to mount my FPV kit and keep it protected.

I recently ordered the AP mount but have not installed it yet.

- Alex's AP quad at HQ!

IMG_9945.JPG IMG_9982.JPG IMG_9999.JPG IMG_10002.JPG

I'm still playing with props and recently installed Beta Flight so I can have access to Air Mode.

Other consideration:

I've ordered a simple 5/12V power board to compliment the setup. Specially since I intend to run 4S on the VersaCopter.

I also have an ant cable coming in for the FPV kit.
I'm going to move the FPV hard around once everything is sorted because leaving it inside means I can change channels or turn it off quickly if I interfere with someone.

Still looking forward to running this at the field with my buddies.
Specially once I have it all dialled in.
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Wake up! Time to fly!
You will have a blast with this for a long time mate. I just made my virgin run on mine with 4s yesterday. What a rush that is.

I have a question to ask though. Why did you change back to beta flight to run Airmode? Cleanflight 1.2.1 and later have it. I run 1.2.2 on an SPf3 chip and it works great. I kind of wondered why the Flite test video showed you had to switch to betaflight as well.

Also before you go to a 4s set up I highly recommend you go to larger esc's. The 12a say they can handle 4s but mine on the Versa being as heavy as it is were getting quite toasty when I was hittin it hard with 3s batteries. Specially when the ambient temps got above 80 degrees. I swapped to their 30 a esc's and they run nice and cool even when the temps approach 100 degree ambient temps. (Current configuration for ESC and cameras)


I do agree with you on power distribution boards making life easy. I have to add a step down to mine yet now that I am swapping over to 4s so I can run my FPV gear with that setup. As for a camera mount I use tie wraps on all 4 corners of my camera board and wedge then between the plate and the boom supports. They seem to work well as a vibration damper and as a shock absorber in a crash. the only time they broke was a hard nose in crash that broke two lower tie wraps and had zero damage to the camera. It also makes it easier for angle adjustment. (pic from initial build)



Fly yes... land no.
Interesting in the Clean Flight/Air Mode, oh well. I'm still new to all of this.

Like the camera setup and yeah I had the ESC's getting hot over the weekend on 4S.


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from what i get betaflight is not just beta code anymore.. he did not rename it. confusing or sure.. granted it is for testing etc.. but its not beta code in the traditional sense.



Wake up! Time to fly!
If you like the latest and greatest then Beta flight is where you should be. I was just letting people know that it is not necessary to use beta flight as it is used as an experimental test bed and some new functions may give the newer or average users fits. Anyway I posted a new thread about this as I tried responding in the article FT did and its not letting me in for some reason.

In any case Andre you will have a blast with the Versa. It is surprisingly agile for its size and weight. Btw what props did you use for 4s? I didn't see it mentioned. I used DAL 5x4x3 on my maiden 4s and they seem well suited balance for power as well as low stress on the motors.


Fly yes... land no.
I've been testing a few different sets of props but it was too dark last night to do anything serious.
5x 4.5 and triples.

Next task is to figure out where to put all the gear and wait for the 5/12v board to show up.


Wake up! Time to fly!
I was looking about for 5x4.5.3 props and they are hard to find. The 5x4.3's will be plenty for my abilities for a while so hopefully by the time I want more umph they will be more common. Just for my knowledge where did you get yours and what brand are they?


Wake up! Time to fly!
TY sir for the link. much appreciated. They even have one or two things I have been looking for a little cheaper then everyone I have checked so far so bonus!!!