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    looking for FPV pilots around annville PA

    Hi everybody, i just moved to annville PA, and I'm looking for some places to fly some freestyle fpv with my drone within 50 miles of here. If there is anybody in this area and knows of some good bandos/ open fields, etc.. then I'd love to meetup and fly together.
  2. J

    2016 Fall Classic Drone Race - October 15-16, 2016 - Paris, Ontario, Canada

    It’s Back by popular demand! Introducing the 2016 FPV Fall Classic Drone Race October 15-16, 2016 at the Paris Fair Grounds in Paris, Ontario, Canada! Two awesome days of MultiRotor Goodness, while competitive and engaging for budding pilots to attend either day… or of course both! We are...
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    Racing quad FPV chase with my brother!

    A short video of recent clips of me and my brother (who has just started the hobby and is already hooked!) flying are mini quads together at a local field. My brother has just started flying fpv and was flying his Emax nighthawk 200 and i was chasing him with my diatone 250. We didn't do...
  4. G

    More Photographs of 2016 Flight Bash FPV Racing

    Photograph of 2016 Flight Bash FPV Racing TATTU World 4s Championship,would you like get tattu lipo,chick here:http://www.genstattu.com The Event was really exciting. And more images : https://www.pinterest.com/genstattu/
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    $4000 fly--Fpv racing championship

    Fpv racing championship and Congratulations Bulbufet!! Here is first prize video from flight bash,4000$ cash reward,wish more of you would be able to make it next time,and we try to contribute more to help us staying in this area,flying,having fun ,far away from mobile phone weekend. What does...
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    FPV drone racing 2016 - Flight Bash FPV Multirotor Racing action

    Want to win 10000$ prizes in FPV drone racing 2016? Here's your big chance! Tattu Championship Flight Bash 2016 will hold in Pataskala Ohio, From great factory and vendor sponsors,total cash payout for this event is $10,000.00 and have over $10,000 of product in prizes! Flight Bash 2016 is a...
  7. nickleyw

    Safety Third Racing Academy - FPV Racing Afterschool Program in NJ

    Hi everyone! Wanted to share something our team in NJ - Safety Third Racing - has been working on for the past few months. Would love to hear your questions, feedback, suggestions. Our team is very tech-oriented, "racing experts", and we could really use input from educators, administrators...
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    FPV Racing MultiGP

    Here is some fun races at the last GP event I went to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Unsu_Wy98Rc
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    What's yours like: Air Gates for FPV Racing, Proximity Flying, and more.

    Not a tree in sight? Sick of picking your quad out of the bramble bush? Wanna hone your skills but can't find that perfect place to fly at? Keep crashing into invisible objects while FPV Night Racing? Sick of carrying around bulky PVC and pool noodles? I wanna know what is your ideal race...
  10. J

    FPV RACE (between the flitetest crew)

    love the show, and i have seen almost all of you fly FPV at one point or another. i really liked the video about making a race quad out of the electrohub and recently purchased what ill need to convert my (crashed) tricopter. i find FPV racing fascinating, having a commercial pilots license i...
  11. S

    QAV250 Mini Quad FPV Racing - Chasing Charpu - 1080p60fps

    Here is my latest aerial video edit. Some fun racing with the crew from Aerial Grand Prix and Charpu. He's the one passing all of us. If you have the means, I highly recommend fullscreen on the 1080p60fps version, its silky smooth! With youtube's new ability to play back footage in slow speeds...
  12. S

    FPV Mini Quad Racing - Gate Camera - Crashes & High Speed Passes (Berkeley, CA)

    Here is my edit of our FPV Racing meetup on Dec 7th in Berkeley, CA. If you are in the area look up FPVExplorers on meetup.com.
  13. MetallDanny

    MetalDanny's Vids And more

    Hii Boys & Girlz Have Found no topic for my MiniH Flights and Pictures .. so i make my own :) Soooo ..., I'm Danny from the Netherlands and I'm a FPV-Junki :p I need my miniH-DRUGS .. more than once a week !!!!! my wife is searching for a REHAB CLINIC .. i love this hobby .. its my ZEN...