Racing quad FPV chase with my brother!


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A short video of recent clips of me and my brother (who has just started the hobby and is already hooked!) flying are mini quads together at a local field. My brother has just started flying fpv and was flying his Emax nighthawk 200 and i was chasing him with my diatone 250. We didn't do anything to ambitious as my brother is still learning but it was a lot of fun getting to fly together. Hope you enjoy the video!
Here is our setups:

Diatone 250 (carbon)
Multistar elite 2204 2300kv motors
20amp afro race spec escs
Naze 32 rev 5 running clean flight
Turnigy nano tech 4s 45 - 90c battery
Runcam swift
quanum 200mw vtx

Emax Nighthawk 200
emax 2205 cooling series motors
emax nano escs
skyline fc
emax pdb
3s 1300mah nano tech battery
200mw vtx
700 tvl camera


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in the description of my setup I stated that on my diatone 250 I was using a runcam swift. This is incorrect I had got confused between the runcam swift and the runcam skyplus which is the camera I am actually using.