What's yours like: Air Gates for FPV Racing, Proximity Flying, and more.


Not a tree in sight?
Sick of picking your quad out of the bramble bush?
Wanna hone your skills but can't find that perfect place to fly at?
Keep crashing into invisible objects while FPV Night Racing?
Sick of carrying around bulky PVC and pool noodles?

I wanna know what is your ideal race gate?

Easily stored?
Can you travel with it?
Cost? What makes you click buy?
How durable does it have to be?
Shape? Whats your preference?
Size? Does it vary by skill level?
Does it have to have multiple configurations?
How do you light it up at night?

What does your idea race course look like? Oval, figure 8, slalom?
How many gates would you set up for a course?
Do you want them three dimensional to view from an angle?
How about directional? Should they force you to turn different directions?
Wanna fly through a tube?
Or gain bonus points by cutting through streamers?
Play RC Games like bowling or limbo?

I've hopefully provoked some thoughts for you and would like to hear your feedback. Thanks:applause:.


New member
How about using tent poles through rips top nylon sleeves or clipped on for easy setup. Rip stop could flair out at the bottom to a tent stake to help keep the gate upright when it gets hit. Maybe different color material on the backside so you can tell when you are entering the wrong way.