1. I

    FPV Snowmobile Chase

    I had the chance a couple weeks ago to chase a snowmobile out on the frozen lake using my FPV250L. It was a great evening to get some footage with a beautiful sunset. Check out the video below!
  2. kah00na

    My large Tricopter was itching to get out!

    I got into this miniquad-only mind set about 6 months ago. Today I saw my tricopter sitting on top of the shelf where it has been since my FPV250 first arrived at my house. I decided to take it out for a quick flight. It is about 550mm and I forgot how powerful 1300kv motors were with 8x4...
  3. A

    FPV250 Runs into a tree! GoPro H3+

    Epic little frame! Quite an experience running into a tree like that! Messed around in After Effects to edit the footage :D Hope you like it!
  4. kah00na

    CC3D Flight Board for 250 Size Quad

    How do you think a OpenPilot CCD3 would work on a 250 sized quad? Banggood.com is selling them for $29.40 now. I had been using an Acro Naze32 and it was great, the KK2.1.5 I'm using now, is a little wobbly but can does the job.
  5. E

    DIATONE FPV250v3 & Co.

    I have seen lot of flowers thrown over Mini Black Out, Luminier 250, and other expensive mini copter But since a while there is a new player, that combine high quality design with affordable materials. From the first FPV250, now there is a full new set of new frames, most of them have full...
  6. B

    Information required about props (2 vs 3 blade)

    Hi guys, I am about to start building a HK FPV250 and I have seen people with 2 blade and 3 blade props on this multirotor. I would rather just stick some 2 blade props on it as they are generally easier to come by in the event of a crash. However, would there be any benefit to having 3 blade...