My large Tricopter was itching to get out!


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I got into this miniquad-only mind set about 6 months ago. Today I saw my tricopter sitting on top of the shelf where it has been since my FPV250 first arrived at my house. I decided to take it out for a quick flight. It is about 550mm and I forgot how powerful 1300kv motors were with 8x4 props! Amazing! It took a while to get use to the PRECISE response of the yaw. On a tricopter with the tilting rear servo/motor, the yaw responds very quickly and stops on a dime! I've spoiled myself with high expos and throttle curves. Since this was my first multirotor, I didn't really do much tuning on it and it is a little wobbly, but it is fast, responsive, and awesome.

My LOS skills have started suffering since I put on the FatSharks but they started to come back slowly. I had to make some adjustments on my transmitter so I didn't crash it. With my miniquad, I started flying almost 100% with no auto-level. I felt like I was fighting auto-level on my tricopter the whole time and it was driving me nuts! This is the opposite of what it was 6 months ago. Back then I flew almost 100% with the auto-level ON and only turned it off when I was doing flips.

Has anyone else put aside their larger multirotors aside for a smaller miniquad or am I alone here?
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Yeah, I broke out my BatBone a few weeks ago after it sat on the shelf for a few months. I forget how bright the LEDs are on it. It is no less fun than it was when I built it last year and I got better as a pilot since I went mini (no FPV for me).


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I'm really sorry, but your Tricopter... that's... well...