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free flight

  1. TurtlesThatFly

    Should there be a free flight and/or rockets section here?

    Based on posts recently, it seems that people on this forum are moving towards free flight and rockets. Because of how popular they were getting, I decided to start a poll here to see what everyone thinks about it and how much they might contribute to it. :D Hopefully the mods would notice it :)
  2. J

    Indoor free flight competition in Moscow, Idaho

    If you saw the Flitetest video last year about F1D models and indoor free flight (video linked below), you'll have an opportunity to see these type of models in person June 23-27 in Moscow, Idaho. For around 30 years now the Kibbie Dome on the University of Idaho campus has hosted an annual...
  3. FAI-F1D

    Rocket Designs and other free flight fun

    Following the many favorable comments, I'm succumbing to the demand for more details on swing wing rocket glider designs. Following completion of an article for publication in this year's Free Flight Symposium, I'll be converting the information into a format that is usable here, probably as a...