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Indoor free flight competition in Moscow, Idaho

If you saw the Flitetest video last year about F1D models and indoor free flight (video linked below), you'll have an opportunity to see these type of models in person June 23-27 in Moscow, Idaho.

For around 30 years now the Kibbie Dome on the University of Idaho campus has hosted an annual indoor free flight competition. The Kibbie Dome is currently the second largest building in the US that hosts these type of competitions. This is a great opportunity to see these models in person, and speak to the people that build them. The building will be open to the public during the event, and spectators are welcome. We only ask that you move slowly around the models as they are very fragile.

I'm also working on a beginner event for juniors during the competition. We will provide a kit and help building a simple rubber powered model that can be flown immediately after construction. I'll post more details when they're available.