ft a-10

  1. Crazed Scout Pilot

    Dropping 14 water balloons from an A-10

    Hi everyone, I did this super cool thing this week. I had just watched FT's episode dropping 3d printed bombs on tanks. And I wanted to recreate it. So, I built a Bombay in my a-10 and then loaded 5 water balloons in and then dropped them. I did 3 times dropping a total of 14 water balloons. I...
  2. D

    Can You Use EDFs on the Master Series A-10?

    Hi, I am a relatively new flyer and builder, and I'm looking to build the A-10 Master Series (already built a Master Series Corsair). I bought the A-10 kit thinking that it used EDFs, but just found out it is powered with props. Is it possible for me to use EDFs for it? If so, what size/kind...
  3. Test Fly RC

    FT Master Series A-10 | Unboxing!

    In this video I will unbox the all new Flite Test Master Series A-10 Warthog! FT Master Series A-10 speed build kit: https://store.ftstem.com/ft-master-series-a10-warthog/
  4. IMG_9103.jpeg


    New FT A-10. G Bitzer, Atlanta GA