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ft duster

  1. 276988377_1689788888042509_7037968842651166742_n.jpg


    cut and build, fun build!!
  2. Mark 42

    What 3 blade prop would work well with FT Duster

    I'm building an FT Duster with the "Power Pack C" from Flite Test. https://store.flitetest.com/power-pack-c-fixed-wing-large/ Running a 2200mah 3S battery. I like the look of a 3 or even 4 blade prop. What diameter and pitch of 3 Blade prop would work well for this setup? How about dia. &...
  3. ChappyEight

    FT Duster Build (First Ever Build)

    Looking forward to getting this build going. The glue gun should be in the mailbox sometime this weekend and I'm going to take some time putting it all together. I actually bought this kit back in November 2013 along with the "Beef" LazerToyz power pack and it's all been sitting in my garage...
  4. RedDogRC

    FT Duster Maiden Flight

    Hey guys, I just built my FT duster last weekend and figured I'd put together a video from the maiden flight. This is my first 4-channel plane and I was happy to not crash the first time out. The plane was underpowered because I still had the blue wonder motor installed but it was fun...
  5. H

    FT Duster First Attempt! Does This Wing Look OK?

    I started my FT Duster build yesterday and have just finished the wing. i was just wondering whether you guys think it looks OK? Thanks.
  6. marktbaldridge

    Foam board in snow?

    Greetings everyone! First post. =D I just LOVE the FliteTest show. (As of three weeks ago. :D ) Anyhow, a friend of mine is thinking about building the FT duster. He's just getting into the hobby, and winter is approaching here in Wisconsin. Thus my question is, how well does foam board hold...