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FT Duster First Attempt! Does This Wing Look OK?


old headcase
Could you show a shot from wingtip angle? Actually, 3 or 4 angles is always helpful.

That said, my eyes aren't so good and this screen is tiny so others might make the pic you have up.


Junior Member
From first glance, no. It looks like the left side is folded over too far. Like you have the wrong crease line as the leading edge.


Your ADD Care Bear
Well first of all, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!

Um, nope it's off. Don't worry we have all been there.

I don't know what your building skill is so a few pointers for basics.

-If you are having troubles with the building techniques, what I did was watch the video a few times until I could do the build by heart. But, I still watch every video as I build.

-A standard rule in building anything is to measure twice and cut once. In the building videos I remember Bixler talking about practicing the folds before you glue. If it doesn't look right, odds are they're not.

-Always take it slow if you are building an airframe for the first time. I some times take a week to build one for the first time. My very first, I studied for a week to make sure I have every fold memorized by heart. I'm not saying do this but, for me it helped.

I think it's awesome start, keep on trucking.