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ft explorer

  1. S

    FT Explorer, CAD, Ideas for expansion, etc...

    Hey everyone, I'm posting mainly about some of my adventures with the FT explorer and some stuff that I am doing/want to do, that y'all may find useful. I've been somewhat enamored with RC flight for a little while now and recently got off the ground with an FT explorer that I decided to build...
  2. J

    FT Explorer Tractor?

    Has anyone built and flown an FT Explorer and used a traditional swappable power pod in it to fly it as a tractor and not a pusher?
  3. S

    Scratch Building FT Explorer and Bronco in Balsa

    I have been playing around with model aircraft of various types for a while and decided I wanted to build either the FT Explorer or Bronco. The catch is I am in Australia and getting stock of foam board isn't the easiest as I have come to realise after visiting a number of hobby stores and...
  4. M

    FT Explorer wing reinforcement question

    I'm building three FT Explorers with friends presently. I saw one video of the wings folding and another post referencing that. I've got some carbon tubes and was thinking of trying to mount internal to the wing but given the dihedral they will have to be cut in the middle so I'm questioning...
  5. G

    New style plans ie FT Explorer

    I am absolutely in love with the new style plans. Clean, easy to piece together, part names with model they go on, etc. The issue that i have a question on is the New FT Explorer plans only contain one half of each wing type. I only have a Mac and Linux computers and am unable to figure out...