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ft foamboard

  1. spdxdmn

    Which FT foamboard?

    I’ve been holding off on getting a few of the master series SBK’s for a while now and since there were no sales this past week I’m going to buy a few, but less than I was planning before. My question to everyone out there with experience, would I be better off getting the brown foam version...
  2. Noodles

    Hustler Jr.'s

    This is a project me and trains1213_yt have been working on. We're calling these half scale jets "Hustler Jr.'s", they are going to be prop or EDF powered. If you want to see more of what this amazing jets can do I'll leave a link. These are going to made of FT foam and have wood for strength in...
  3. S

    WI Appleton/Fox Cities area fliers,crashers,builders wanted

    I live in Kaukauna wi, looking for people to fly with and maybe do a build night. Would love to split a case of ft wp foamboard a couple of ways too. I might also have access to a 3d printer and lazer cutter. Wink wink