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Which FT foamboard?


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I’ve been holding off on getting a few of the master series SBK’s for a while now and since there were no sales this past week I’m going to buy a few, but less than I was planning before.

My question to everyone out there with experience, would I be better off getting the brown foam version or the maker foam? I’ve read some of the threads that discussed the pros and cons, but I haven’t seen anything recently on if there have been any improvements or and solid reason to pick one over the other. I did see that the new mini zero kit seems to be made from the brown foam. Have other master series kits had a new run with the brown foam along with/instead of maker foam?

My plan is to duplicate the kit with regular dtfb first, to get the assembly techniques down first before I build the kit, just to make sure I can get a clean build. I’d like to know that I’m using the better foam for the actual build.

What are your thoughts?

The Hangar

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The brown foam is definitely more waterproof. The maker foam won't warp if you drip some water on it, but I learned the hard way that it doesn't work for a seaplane. I really like working with maker foam - it molds very nicely. However, the brown foam is very nice to work with as well. The brown foam will be a little harder to paint probably since it's darker, but both will need a good scuffing with either steel wool or sandpaper - especially maker foam. Overall, I prefer the brown foam and I'm happy to see that they aren't getting rid of it, however the maker foam is pretty good too, you just need to know that it won't be as water-resistant as the brown stuff.


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It seems like the brown foam is a little stronger and more resilient so I’ll probably go that route. I’ll save the maker foam kits for a lighted project.