ft goblin

  1. O

    Help! Making a winglet for the Goblin!!?

    Hello, I need your help to design a winglet for the Goblin model aircraft. Could you give me the measurements of the outer wing profile to design the wingtip in fusion 360, if you can attach some photos I would appreciate it a lot I will notify you when I have the file ready so you can modify...
  2. P

    FT Goblin - Lifting capabilities

    Hi! I want to make FT Goblin and I made this project for battery pack. It will be my first plane and I don't have any idea if it's overkill. Around 400g battery doesn't feel like it's a good idea, but have heard that goblin has a large amount of lifting power so, maybe it will be possible. I...
  3. Joexer

    Help! Thoughts on FT Goblin Mods (Making it more of a LOS cruiser)

    So I've decided my next plane will be an FT Goblin, but I would like it to be a bit more LOS cruiser than FPV racer as it seems by default. I am almost obsessed with stall characteristics because I enjoy flying rather slow, hovering into the wind and the like. I also happen to adore the stall...
  4. Duck

    FT Goblin - Prop troubles

    My FT Goblin is by far the workhorse of my hanger and it almost always gets flight time when I go out. I've been on a slow quest to increase the speed ever since I saw someone else's FT Goblin at the field. We got to fly together which was amazing but they flew laps around me. I was running...
  5. FT Goblin

    FT Goblin

    Not much of a paint job but enough to keep this little fast plane oriented.
  6. Goblin at 130%

    Goblin at 130%

    I was very apprehensive about flying this at first because of the weight it took to balance it. Once I tossed it up for the maiden all my fears dissipated and I had one of the best maidens ever
  7. FlyingDebris

    FT Goblin which flew?

    So I finally got the editing done for this video. I thought I'd share it here for you guys to see. Slight disclaimer I forgot to put in the part where I actually put the googles on my head so I will have that video coming up in the next week as I am currently working on it. If you wouldn't...
  8. CrosswindJones

    FT Goblin Pictures & COG Question

    Hello there! This is my first post to the FT community... I've built a couple Tiny Trainer variations and just flew my FT Goblin yesterday for the first time. It was my first experiment with a wing of any sort and wow! was it fun to fly. Honestly, I had never even launched a wing before and...