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ft mini scout

  1. FT Mini Scout & FT Simple Scout

    FT Mini Scout & FT Simple Scout

    Father and son Scout's! Great slow flying planes that will give you a blast of a time. I kind of miss mine them and will probably build a new ones soon. this actually has no paint job done to it and is built with black foam board.
  2. mayan

    Hobby Newbie Learning Diary; Family Included!

    Hey All, I fell in love with the hobby looking for something to use as a bonding for me and my son. We started through paper planes, moved to balsa wood gliders and now trying RC. You can read more about how we started and the first experience that we had trying to fly for the first time with...
  3. E

    building the FT Mini Scout in Europe

    (i just want to say that i am dutch and i have dyslexia so sorry for my bad English) I want to build the FT Mini Scout, but becoase i live in Europe(holland) i probably need to wait a long time before it is delivered, and i have the same problem with the all in one electronics pack. becoase of...