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building the FT Mini Scout in Europe


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(i just want to say that i am dutch and i have dyslexia so sorry for my bad English)
I want to build the FT Mini Scout, but becoase i live in Europe(holland) i probably need to wait a long time before it is delivered, and i have the same problem with the all in one electronics pack. becoase of that i wanna build it myself with the free plans. but i have a problem, this is gonna be the first plane i am gonna build and i am just 15 jears old. so i have a few questions

these are the electronics i can get in europe
2x HXT500 6.2g / 0.6kg / .08sec Micro Servo hobbyking
1x Turnigy nano-tech 460mah 2S 25~40C Lipo Pack hobbyking
EMAX MT1804 2480KV Brushless Motor For DRQ 250 banggood

the two things i still need are
the propeller
the esc

i cant find the right propeller and i dont know a lot about esc's so i wanna ask if anyone can send a link to the site where i can buy these items i would prefer the hobbyking european warehouse and i also like banggood so i would really appreciate it if anybody can give me some information abouth this subject and also maybe abouth some problems i can run into while building the plane.
Hey Emile! Welcome to the forum! The scout is a fun little plane. Your electronics look good and are pretty close to what I use. For a prop, search for "5040" or "6030" on Banggood. I prefer the 5040 props because they don't seem to break as easily and are a little cheaper. The four pack of props is cheap and a great deal. The down side is that you can't use the reverse direction props unless you make a second power pod with the oppose angle to it. It would only take a few more minutes to make. Once you run out of standard direction props you would have to install the motor on the other power pod. I made my power pod without any angle to it and use a washer or shim to angle the motor depending on which direction prop I use.
For the esc, search "10a esc" on BG and get the red brick esc. Any 10 or 12 amp brushless esc will work as long as it has ubec that provides power to the reciever and servos.
Just be careful of the foam that you use, European foam is so much more heavy than the dollar tree stuff that the USA guys use. This must be factored into the power required for the motor.

My mini scout came in at 208 grams including battery 610 Rhino.

scout mini.JPG

1600 kv with 6x4 prop


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I'm not sure what kind of styrofoam that is, but it looks like the one with big "bubbles" (called expanded polystyrene) used in packaging for example. That would not work very well.

The Dollar Tree foam is extruded polystyrene which is a lot finer and can be cut more easily without taking out chunks of the material. Since you seem to be from the Netherlands, I'd suggest to look into http://foamboarden.nl/. I think those are more similar to what FT uses.


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It might still be heavier than the foamboard Flite Test uses. Here in Europe we seem to have a very heavy foamboard made from polyurethane ("Kapa boards") and lighter polystyrene ones which still seem to be a little heavier than the DTFB. It should still work though.