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ft p51 mustang

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    Help! Flaps on FT Mustang 1400mm

    Hey guys, I have taken the FT Mustang, and scaled it up to 1400mm and added flaps. The plane is a mix of foam board and balsa and weighs approx 3kg with an Emax GT4030/08 motor and 2x X-power 5000mah batteries. I have set the flaps to approx 45°(half), and approx 60°(full), and haven't had...
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    P51 Mustang with Mods

    Just completed a median flight of my second FT mustang. My first was to spec which flew great until the football goal post got in the way. I liked it so much I decided to build a second one with some modifications such as steerable tail gear, flaps and a battery access hatch from the top. Here...