ft scout

  1. Acebandit123

    3 channel to 4 channel

    Hello all so I'm somewhat relatively new to the hobby, love building plans but have only successfully flown a mini trainer. I just got the new tutor and was wondering if anyone has made it so that you could flip a switch and go from a three channel to four channel flight mode. Kind of similar to...
  2. J

    Fun with the ft scout

    I love this plane 😍 Thanks guys!!!!!
  3. B

    300% ft scout

    I am currently building a 300% version of an ft scout I will post progress answer questions or ask questions.:D
  4. mesolost

    Rest in peace little Scout and welcome to the world Zippy

    Well after bashing it's face into the wall several times, ramming head first into a building and a score board, lawn darting it many times over, flying the wheels off a dozen times, flying the prop off once, holding on a wing with tape and a metal skewer, and cartwheeling on landing several...
  5. Turkey_Flyer

    New Pilot, First build, First problems.

    Hi, im from Mexico City im new to this forum, I´ve been reading FT articles and treads on this forum for a long time, finally I decided to start this hobby, I have to thank FT guys for making the hobby affordable and easy. I pick up the plans for the scout in FT page and cut them in my local...
  6. JamesWhom

    Big FT Scout

    Hey everyone, I am wanting to build an FT mighty mini Scout - however I don't want it to be mini. I would like it to be 200% of the original size. I know Flitetest said that they were going to release a bigger swappable version of the scout soon, however I want one now! I also want to make it...